This has been a strange year for weather in Acadiana. We've had two ice episodes, one in late January, then another that made Mardi Gras miserable. Then we've had extended periods of no rain what so ever. Only to be followed by double digit downpours that closed roads and got into houses. Now forecasters are saying an event stranger than a Sharknado could occur. A cold front pushing through the heart of Acadiana in July.

Let's be clear on this whole cold front thing. We aren't going to be seeing drifting snow or the need for a heavy coat during the middle of the week but we could experience the greatest summer blessing of all, lower humidity.

Here is the time table of what Daniel Phillips and the KATC Weather crew are thinking.

The heat and humidity will continue today and Monday. Monday will see an increase in the chance of showers around the area. The cold front should push through Acadiana during the day on Tuesday. That will mean an increased chance of showers and maybe some thunderstorms. By Wednesday morning the front should be settling offshore and in behind it we should be enjoying slightly cooler temperatures and a decided drop in humidity.

The 8-day forecast does show the below average humidity and slightly cooler temperatures should remain in the area for a few days. But rain chances will begin to creep into the area by next Saturday.