Bruce Blows Up Your Ideas About Sleep
With over 30 years experience waking up hours before the sun comes up I have learned a thing or two about sleeping. Let me share some of my secrets with you, just in case you're having a tough time getting the sleep you need.
No More Twinkies? Say It Aint So!
Twinkies as it turns out do have a natural enemy. That enemy is striking workers at the Hostess Bakery. Or perhaps the enemy is the management of Hostess. Regardless a labor dispute has threatened to put the entire company into bankruptcy.
Movie Popcorn Butter Linked to Alzheimer’s
What is your snack of choice at the movie theater? Please don’t say popcorn. It is? It’s popcorn? Ok, well, you certainly don’t ask the concession stand employees to douse your corn with gallons of artificial butter spray, right? Oh, you do? Well, you …

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