When I say spam I bet you get a chill up and down your spine don't you? I hate getting spam e-mails from dead Nigerians, banks I don't have an account with and people who seem to have an  intimate knowledge of what goes on or doesn't go on in my bedroom. Still millions of people around the world fall victim to spam e-mails everyday and wind up getting their identities stolen, credit ruined and lives totally knocked off track.

What if the spammers had to get your attention the old fashioned way? I bet nobody would fall for their tricks. Let's take a look at how door-to-door spam might look. As you can see very few people are actually falling for the scam when it's presented in person.

So why would be stupid enough to fall for it on line with the anonymity of the Internet? By the way if you send me your credit card number, password, social security number and your Mom's maiden name I can probably hook you up with some Reba tickets! (That's a joke, don't send me that..see how easy it is to fall for these scams!)