There is just so much wrong in this story it is hard to get it all in. It is bad enough to drink and drive, but to endanger your children by doing so that takes it to a whole new level. Then you have  Billy Joe Madden of Hattiesburg Mississippi, he may have found a way to make just drunk driving seem like a minor offense. This total loser not only was drunk in the car with his kids, he let his 8 year old drive. The car was pulled over early Saturday morning on Interstate 12 with the 8 year old behind the wheel. Madden's other child a four year old girl was in the backseat. Meanwhile our father of the year was sleeping off a night of drinking in the passenger seat.

The children were turned over to child services and Madden was taken into custody on charges of child desertion, allowing a minor to operate motor vehicle, open container and two charges of children not properly restrained.

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