It took 70 years, but one Lafayette mother and daughter have finally met for the first time, and it will melt your heart. reports Elizabeth Pullen of Lafayette had a daughter when she was 20-years-old. She gave her child up for adoption. Now, 70 years later two dreams came true as Elizabeth and her 70-year-old daughter Lynne Wray finally met.

The two set up a plan to meet May 6th at Sugar Mill Pond. Pullen's granddaughter, Wanda Leblanc, a photographer showed up for the amazing moment.

Leblanc tells -

"'The only way I can describe the moment they met is magical'. Particularly touching, she said, was how her grandmother touched Lynne's face and played with her hair. "It's only a mother who touches their children like that'."

There's a whole lot more to this amazing story, and you get more info over at


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