Hopefully it is the last thing you gave your spouse before you left the house this morning, a good long good bye kiss. Often when we meet people we know, especially of the opposite sex, a little hug and mmmwwaah on the cheek is usually apropritate. Why do we do that? Who first thought of putting two lips upon two lips as a greeting or a form of engagement? Well now you can know all the secrets behind kissing.

She also traces the evolution of kissing through history, from its use in Christian religious ceremonies -- "greet ye one another with a kiss" -- to its social role as a greeting on many levels, including between kings and the vassals they ruled.

For me kissing is a great way to pass the time. It is also provides healthy benefits for both the kisser as well as the kissee. Want to know more before you pucker up? Give a click to the link below and we will share so much more than a kiss!

(via Think a kiss is just a kiss? New book tells all - Yahoo! News.)