Opening a business takes a lot of cash and a lot of bravado. Staying in business takes a lot of cash and a lot of luck. A great location probably helps with that too. However, there seem to be some business locations in Acadiana that just seemed to be cursed. In many cases, the businesses at these locations were forced to close for reasons other than their street address.

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    Jefferson And Johnston

    You know the building with the balconies that is an amazing place to view a Mardi Gras parade? That building has been several different restaurants and bars in the past few years. However, nothing has been able to stick. Yet, right across the street, a business that is a Lafayette icon continues to flourish.

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    Next To CC's In River Ranch

    You'd think a River Ranch location and fronting a very busy Camellia Boulevard would make this an ideal spot for a business to grow. However, that location has been a chicken wing joint, an Irish pub, and a piano bar if my memory serves me correctly. At least the running club that once met at the pub is still active. They just meet across the street at a hamburger place that seems to be doing quite well.

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    The Old Plaza/Grand Marche Shopping Center

    Okay, when The Plaza was in its heyday things were looking up in the Grand Marche Shopping Center. The Plaza went away. An Adriens supermarket tried to make a go of it too. Personally, I loved that Adriens location. There have been furniture stores, family entertainment centers, and sports educational facilities located in this general area too.

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    Ambassador at Robley

    Could we call this the Copeland's curse? Businesses around this address seem to thrive. The Circle K and the Chick-fil-A have no trouble attracting and maintaining customers. Besides Copeland's, there have been a few other restaurants who've attempted to make it there but so far no good.

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    Any Place Where A Winn-Dixie Used To Be

    While many former Winn Dixie locations have been reimagined as other grocery stores the businesses surrounding these locations have struggled. Certainly, the loss of a high traffic leader in a shopping center can have devastating effects. Let's hope some of the new stores and tenants are able to grab a foothold and hang on.