Maybe people are paying attention to that Stay-at-Home order after all? Officials with the Louisiana Lottery have announced that because of the coronavirus there will be changes to the way money is apportioned for the game's starting jackpots.

Currently when a Powerball jackpot, the big money jackpot, is claimed the game resets to a starting point of $40 million. Well, because of low ticket sales during the pandemic once the current jackpot of $160 million (or more) is claimed the next jackpot will reset to $20 million.

Louisiana had three $10,000 winners in the last Mega Millions drawing but if you happen to be holding one of those lucky tickets you'll have to wait. The Lottery's offices have been closed because of the coronavirus threat. Lottery officials do remind holders of winning tickets to sign the back of the ticket for your own protection.

By the way, if you happen to be holding a winning lottery ticket and you're wondering about the claims deadline. That has been extended by 90 days. So, assuming we're going to get out from under our "corona-cloud" sometime in the next few weeks, you should still have plenty of time to claim those winnings without forfeiting a prize.


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