For those of us who won't be attending the Garth Brooks concerts in New Orleans tonight (as we all sigh together), we have a little show I like to call Classic Country Saturday Night to get us through. If missing Garth Brooks isn't a reason to drink a few, I'm not sure what is.

Before we fire off the party, let's check in with our country music time machine and see what some of our other favorite country stars were up to on this day back in...

1981: Earl Thomas Conley scored his first #1 hit with 'Fire & Smoke'



1987: King George took the #1 spot on the Billboard chart with a favorite titled 'All My Exes Live in Texas' (if you don't know the words, have one more cold one)\



If you want to hear one of these great classic country tunes or one of the many others, give us a call on the leash line, 337-261-9797. Classic Country Saturday Night is all by your request so let us know what you want to hear!

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