It's almost that time again Dawgs! Classic Country Saturday Night kicks off in about an hour so I think it is the perfect time to brush up on our facts.

We have a very special birthday tonight!

On this day back in 1958, the talented Shelly West was born in Cleveland. Sound familiar?

That is because she is not only the daughter of the legendary Dottie West, but throughout her career, she claimed the CMA Vocal Duo honor with David Frizzell in 1981 and 1982! The next year she kept the hits coming including one of my personal favorites, 'Jose Cuervo'!



Happy Birthday Shelly! I can't even try to lie to you, I sing this song loud and proud when it comes on. It could be because Jose Cuervo is my drink of choice, or maybe it's just a great song...Let's go with the second option.

Pop that top and get your requests ready. To get your requests in, give us a call on the leash line at 261-9797 or send us a message on Facebook!


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