Here along the 30th parallel, we are used to our summer's hot and our winters brown. We don't have much use for snow or ice unless it's being used to chill down a beverage or concoction that will help us take our minds off the heat. That's why it's always so tough to hear this time of year the song White Christmas.

While the words of the holiday classic paint a nostalgic picture of frosty air surrounding loving families roasting chestnuts and slamming egg nog, that just ain't what happens down South. Our Christmases tend to be more muggy and brown than shiny and white.

But if you do want to go where it snows you won't have to go as far north as you might think. Yeah, I do think you'll have to get above I-20 but by the time you reach I-40, you could find yourself in a long line of traffic delayed by winter weather.

For the bulk of the nation, there is a less than 10% chance of seeing an inch of snow or more on the ground for Christmas Day. The most likely places to try out your new ski gear will be in the mountains of Colorado, New Mexico, and the intermountain West. You could also find a flurry or two in the Gatlinburg Tennessee area but that's not guaranteed.

Northern Minnesota and the other states that border Canada are also a pretty good bet when it comes to experiencing a white Christmas. But that sure does seem like a long way to go just to get caught in ice and snow.

I think I will choose to make my White Christmas with the sugar sands of the Florida Beaches or even better Jamaica. I've always wanted a real good tan for Christmas. Because right now when I remove my shirt I look like the illegitimate son of the Michelin Man and the Pillsbury Doughboy. That's why we should all be thankful for baggy winter clothing.


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