If you live in Lafayette, Lake Charles, Jennings, or any other community where your utilities are provided by Entergy then you can expect to see some strangers walking in your neighborhood over the next few weeks.

Entergy is in the process of mapping and documenting their underground wiring networks throughout the communities they serve. This is being done so the utility can modernize and improve their service to you. 

The workers, contracted by Entergy, will actually be employees of Osmose Utility Services. The workers canvassing neighborhoods will be easily identified by their well-marked vehicles and their I.D. badges. They will also be carrying a letter that proves they have been authorized by Entergy to perform the tasks they need to do.

Should you not be home at the time when your neighborhood is being inspected the workers will leave a door hanger card on your door. This will have contact information for you to set up an appointment for the workers to come to your property at another time.

Should have any questions or concerns contact Entergy


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