From time to time I'll come across videos showing strange lights in the sky over Acadiana. I've even taken one of these videos myself. I just came across this video, filmed about 3 weeks ago, showing a huge cluster of lights hovering and moving in the night sky over Lafayette. This is the strangest video I've seen yet.

Youtuber Damien Rodriguez says he's traveling down Johnston St. and you'll notice, as they did, a huge cluster of lights, just hovering in the sky. Some of the lights blink a little bit, then a couple of them start moving.

I'm honestly pretty creeped out by this. I'd be fine with the Chinese lantern explanation, but as you'll see, two of the lights starts moving in a way no Chinese lantern could.

It also doesn't make sense to me how this could be a group of helicopters. There's not really a defined formation, and again, the way two of these start moving, I don't think any helicopter we know of could move this way.

Did you see these lights?

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