Drag Queen Story Hour or Drag Queen Storytime will undoubtedly go down as one of the top stories in Acadiana for 2018. Just the thought of the event sparked outrage locally and even sparked a lawsuit nationally will be placed on what amounts to an indefinite hold.

A report published on KATC.com cites access to an internal memo in which Library Director Teresa Elberson says the potential for a federal lawsuit against Lafayette Consolidated Government is the reason for the library's 'stand down' posture.

Thus, pending relevant rulings by the Court in the Litigation, the Lafayette Public Library cannot in any way allow a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ whether through a program or otherwise.

Those words from Elberson's memo are from the KATC story. The memo also noted changes in policy, procedures, and protocols for booking library meeting rooms.

The issue of a Drag Queen Story Hour at the library was raised earlier this year when a fraternity at U.L. proposed the event as part of their community outreach efforts.

Organizers of the event had scheduled the program for October at the downtown branch of the library. However, public outcry forced the event from the library to an auditorium at SLCC. The SLCC event was dropped over concerns about security.


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