The Mamou Police Department has released surveillance and body cam footage of a bar incident that happened over the weekend.

The original story and video can be found here as it relates to a woman who was detained while police were attempting to get a Mamou bar cleared at closing time.

According to KATC, the woman at the center of the controversial video claims that police used excessive force.

The woman in that video told KATC that she went to the bar Friday after attending Mamou High School’s homecoming game. She says around 10:30 p.m. Friday night, she was told the bar was closing. Soon after a verbal exchange happened between her and the officer. She claims she was dancing as she walked out but was thrown down by the officer then maced.

After the incident went viral, Mamou Police Chief Brent Zackery promised a full and transparent investigation. Less than a few days later, Zackery's department has released video surveillance from the bar and body cam footage showing what led up to what was seen in the viral video.

As you can see in the body cam video, the woman was asked repeatedly to leave the bar. Not only did the woman refuse to exit the bar but she began to dance on the officer. At that point, the officer attempts to arrest her.

After a struggle, both the woman and the officer fall to the ground.

According to Zachery, one of the officers seen in the video attempting the assess the woman was a certified EMT. Acadian Ambulance took the woman to a local hospital where she reportedly refused treatment, then threw herself onto the floor of the hospital. Chief Zackery says she was intoxicated at the time.

Upon completion of the investigation, it was determined that the officer acted in a professional manner. There was nothing that showed that he did anything that he shouldn’t have done. He will be returning back to work effective tomorrow. I just want everybody to know that we did a thorough investigation and the reason why I’m putting out the video is to show that what I’m telling you what happened is the facts. It’s not made up. It’s not a story. It’s the facts.

Zackery also added that the woman was not maced while she was on the ground and that any allegations that a taser was used during the incident were false because the Mamou Police Department doesn't have tasers.

See the full story here via KATC.

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