Imagine shopping for your 4th of July sparklers and bottle rockets and suddenly discovering you're the face of some new fireworks. Would be kind of weird right? Well, it just happened to Mark Chesnutt.

Mark Chesnutt "Kick Ass Cajun" Fireworks

Mark Chesnutt apparently just discovered while picking up some fireworks for his 4th of July celebrations that he's the face for a firework called "Kick Ass Cajun". describes the "Kick Ass Cajun" -

When it comes to the spread and height of each effect nothing will come as close to a professional display as Kick Ass Cajun. This is one of the biggest breaking super finales we have ever seen!


Well, it's called "Kick Ass Cajun" so of course it's  great!

Chesnutt seemed to take the unexpected, and illegal use of his image and likeness in stride saying in his Facebook post "Apparently they put my picture on some new firework called Kick Ass Cajun! Happy 4th of July everyone!


Mark Chesnutt Kick Ass Cajun

He even seems to be a little excited about, and who can blame him? Sure, scoring twenty top-ten hits, eight of them number ones, is cool and all, but being declared a "Kick Ass Cajun" is obviously the highlight of his incredible career.

Mark Chesnutt will be performing at Route 92 in Youngsville Friday, October 1, 2021.

Ticket information and more HERE.

Below is video of what the Kick Ass Cajun looks like in all of it's glory.

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