You may remember the family in Monroe who got internet famous last year with their Christmas light show that was synched up to the Garth Brooks classic "Callin' Baton Rouge." Well, the family is back it again this year, but with some upgrades.

This year, Paul Thomas, the mastermind behind the "Geaux Bright Christmas Lights" house says they've spent nine months to put up more than 18,000 lights. When you drive by you'll hear everything from pop songs to Disney songs.

Last year the home had a mere 15,000 lights.

“My wife has always wanted Christmas lights, I’ve never been interested but LEDs are fun. So, I decided to go ahead and put my hobby together with hers and it turned out pretty good,” Thomas told

So how does this all work exactly? Well, every single pixel is a small computer that can communicate with each light to let it know when to light up and turn off. Thomas built a light sequence for 20 songs and is expecting another 20 more after Thanksgiving.

“For this year’s show, I have been working on it since February. We started buying things in February and working almost 15 hours a week putting various props together and putting sequences together to go with the music," said Thomas.

If you're in north Louisiana and want to check out the show, it's free and all you need to do is drive by. The house is located at 7204 Egret Landing in Monroe, Louisiana. To enjoy the show, tune in your radio to 97.1. The lights will be running through early January.

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