Here is a heads up for our friends in Erath. Your power will be shut off for about two hours on Monday. The planned power outage will be citywide and will take place at midnight Monday morning and should last until 2 AM.

Entergy, the power provider for the city, says the disconnect is necessary so that their crews can perform work on a power line. The outage was planned for the early morning hours so that most residents will not be inconvenienced.

However, there are some that rely on electricity 24 hours a day. Now is the time to make sure you have plans in place to cover that two-hour time frame when the power will be out.

Our advice, make sure your mobile phone is charged and you have your alarm set on your phone. You'll also have to review the necessary processes needed to reset all the clocks in your house which will be flashing the wrong time when you wake up Monday morning. Let's just call this a drill for the return to Standard Time from Daylight Savings Time on November 4th.


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