I suddenly feel just a little bit more healthy in my approach to the Christmas season. It's okay to wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping. Well, it's okay for some people to wait until the last minute anyway.

Christmas is here in two weeks. That's right, you've two more weekends hit the stores. Weekends are when most people have the extra time to do their holiday shopping. It's a good thing the football season is winding down.

Dr. Michelle Moore a Clinical Psychologist with LSU Health New Orleans tells the Louisiana Radio Network that waiting until the time feels right to shop is okay. She's not giving procrastinators an excuse but she is simply saying why would they treat Christmas differently than they treat any other task they have to perform.

They don’t keep a to-do list, they don’t keep things so organized as the anxious types and they do wait to the last minute because they just don’t have it together to get it done any sooner.

What might drive some of the Type A personalities you know or are married to crazy is actually very normal for the procrastinator. Dr. Moore says those of us who wait until the last minute come by it honestly. We are born with that kind of personality. It's when you have  a procrastinator and a Type A matched up, that's when the sparks begin to fly.

I find a lot of time the people who wait until the last minute to do Christmas shopping aren’t bothered by the fact that they waited until the last minute, it’s somebody else in their family that’s irritated that they waited until the end.

So if the man in your life hasn't even acknowledged that it's December don't worry. He will get his shopping done. He always has and he always will. By the way don't say anything about the way  he wraps his presents either. He is doing the best he can do.

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