Today should be a day very similar to Monday, at least as far as the forecast is concerned. For at least one more day South Louisiana's forecast will be governed by heat and humidity. That means a minimal threat of showers for the afternoon hours.

Afternoon temperatures will make it into the low 90's across much of the I-10 corridor for today and tomorrow. It's after Wednesday that we can expect to see some changes in our typical early September forecast.

A large area of warm Gulf air is expected to push to the north over the next few days and it should start to interact with an approaching frontal system. This instability in the atmosphere along with the abundance of moisture should push the rain chances across much of South Louisiana into the 50%-60% range by Thursday. A significant threat of rain is forecast for the area on Friday as well.

Just how much rainfall to expect will be determined by just how close that frontal system comes to the area. Some models show significant accumulations of rain while others show only scattered thundershowers with locally higher amounts.

Tropical Storm Grace is struggling to maintain its status as it moves rapidly toward the west. The system should begin to encounter an even stronger upper level wind shear over the next few days. The National Hurricane Center's official track shows the storm dissipating before it even reaches Leeward Islands.


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