We are already aware of how big of heart Shaquille O’Neal has. He is always doing kind gestures and he has a special place in our hearts here in Acadiana. Here is another great story to add to the list of just how wonderful he is.

According to KATC, Shaq reached out to his friend and retired chief deputy officer with the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office, Phil Conrad, for details on a car crash that claimed the lives of two children. Shaq heard about the family's struggles to be able to pay for one of the children’s funeral expenses and he asked Conrad to get more information for him as he wanted to help and pay for the burial expenses.

The accident happened on April 10th. 12-year-old Trayvon Alexander and 11-year-old Keshon Batiste, of Breaux Bridge, were killed in the single-car crash. Alexander’s mother and two other juvenile passengers were injured in the accident but are expected to recover. Alexander and Batiste were pronounced dead at the scene.

Alexander’s family had insurance which covered his burial. But, Batiste’s family did not and they started a GoFundMe for the funeral expenses. They didn’t raise enough funds and that is when Shaq came in.

According to Conrad, Shaq gave the family the money they needed to cover the funeral expenses for Batiste.


Shaq does many kind gestures like this that we don’t ever know about. Shaquille O’Neal, Acadiana loves you.


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