A single ticket sold for the Friday the 13th Mega Millions lottery has matched the numbers needed to claim the game's top prize of $1,350,000. A ticket sold in Louisiana for that same drawing is one of 27 tickets sold across that country that won a prize of $20,000.

If you were unable to watch last night's drawing, here's how it unfolded.

The Mega Millions website confirms the winning numbers to be:

30   43   45   46   61    Mega Ball 14  Megaplier x2

In addition to the $1.3 billion jackpot winner the game created 14 new millionaires. Assuming none of the 14 million dollar Match 5 winners weren't already millionaires. The second biggest prize generated from last night's drawing was a $20,000 winner.


The $20,000 winners matched four of the white balls and the Mega Ball. By Rule the win is $10,000 but since those players opted-in on the Megaplier their winnings were doubled. An additional 167 players won $10,000 with the same matches on their tickets.

Where was the $1.3 billion dollar Mega Millions Sold?

From what we've been able to discern the ticket was purchased at Hometown Gas & Grill in Lebanon Maine. Lebanon is small community of about 6,500 residents.  Hometown Gas & Grill seems to be a great place to pop in for fuel, a beverage and according to their Facebook Page, they are hiring.

Where was the $20,000 Mega Millions Winner Sold in Louisiana?

That ticket was sold in the north Louisiana town of Bastrop. The ticket, according to the Louisiana Lottery, was purchased at Crossett Road U-Pak-It. This may come as a shock but that business is located on Crossett Road in Bastrop. Congratulations, you know the retailer gets a nice prize for selling a winning ticket too.

Two Multi-State Lotteries Each Offer Over $400 Jackpots
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Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot will return to its humble starting point of $20,000. Meanwhile if lottery fever is still coursing through your veins you can play Powerball. Tonight's Powerball game has a top prize estimated to be $404 million and based on our statistical analysis of how big money lottery games get a jackpot, the Powerball is about due to get a winner.

Good luck, be responsible if you plan on playing.

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