The very busy tropical season of 2016 has spawned yet another reason for Louisiana residents to keep a watchful eye toward the southern oceans. Currently, the National Hurricane Center is watching a broad area of low pressure that is moving across the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Forecasters have given this system a 90% probability over the next five days of becoming a tropical cyclone.

The most recent tropical forecast models keep the system on a westward track for the next several days. This will put the center of circulation west of the Leeward Islands and into the eastern waters of the Caribbean. Some of the models drag the system westward toward Mexico while other models turn the system to the north. That northern track would bring the system over the island of Hispaniola.

A reminder long range forecasts of developing tropical systems are subject to change as the systems strengthen and weaken. We suggest you check back with this website over the next several days are forecasters will have a much better handle on any likely motion or strengthening of this system. Regardless any interaction with the coastline of the United States would be several days if not weeks away.

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