Peace on Earth, it's a wish we all wish for yet it never seems to come true. There is no mistaking the the atrocities that are being reported in Syria do not lend themselves toward a peaceful world. What point should the United States play in this current world crisis?

The President has gone to congress to voice his opinion. Now it is up to  you to make sure the people you chose to represent you know what your opinion is. This is not a time to sit back, observe, and then complain if our country goes in a direction that you do not agree with. You must let your voice be heard. Here is how you can reach our congressional delegation in Washington.


Charles Boustany
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Congressman Charles Boustany: The Lafayette office for the congressman is located at 800 Lafayette Street Suite 1400 in Lafayette. The phone number for that office is (337) ) 235-6322. You can access Congressman Boustany's website by clicking here. You will find an e-mail link to the congressman at his site. He may also be contacted via Facebook.





U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu
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Senator Mary Landrieu: United States Senator Mary Landrieu does not have a local Lafayette office however you may dial her Washington office at (202) 224-5824. You can reach Senator Landrieu's website by clicking here. You will find an e-mail link on that site. You may also contact the Senator via Facebook.





David Vitter



Senator David Vitter: United States Senator David Vitter has a Lafayette office located at  2201 Kaliste Saloom Road, Suite 201. You may call Senator Vitter's local office at (337) 993-9502. You may e-mail Senator Vitter by using the e-mail link on his website by clicking here. You may also contact Senator Vitter via Facebook.




Every citizen has a right and a duty to let their elected officials know how they feel on the issues that affect our country. I encourage everyone to share their thoughts with these three elected officials today so that they might vote the will of the people of South Louisiana.

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