I am sure at sometime in your life you have lost some  money. Maybe a dollar or two fell out of your pocket while you were pumping gas. Maybe you had a ten in your wallet at home and when you got to the grocery store it wasn't there any more. Losing money is frustrating. Just imagine how frustrated you'd be if you missed out on one million dollars.

There is right now at this moment a Powerball ticket that is worth one million dollars that is floating around out there somewhere. The prize was on on August the 5th and on February 1st that lottery goes from being worth one million dollars to being a piece of paper with numbers on it.

Here is what we know about the ticket. It was purchased in Terrebone Parish. In fact it was purchased at Pointe-Aux-Chenes Supermarket on Highway 665 in Montegut. Montegut is a small community a few miles southeast of Houma. The ticket is worth one million dollars because it matched all five numbers on the Powerball drawing for which it was valid.

If the ticket is not brought forward and redeemed by February 1st the one million dollars will go into the lottery's unclaimed prize fund. That fund is used for promotional purposes and to increase the payouts on some of the lottery's scratch off games.

In addition to the unclaimed one million dollar prize there are three prizes worth 50-Thousand dollars each that remain unclaimed as well. Those winning tickets were purchased in New Orleans, Slidell, and Lake Charles.

I suggest you check your purse and pockets and see if you have a Powerball ticket from August. You might want to check your junk drawer at home or maybe looking in the glove compartment or console of your car. If you were in Terrebone Parish in August and you bought a Powerball ticket you could be missing out on a one million dollar prize.