It's hard to believe that I can look out of my home, that's where these pictures were taken, see the streets filled with water and think to myself, we are so very lucky. We are. The water is in the roadway. It's up to the rims on most of the vehicles that are parked on the street. But it appears as if that is as high as it will get in my neighborhood.

I know there is water in some homes in my neighborhood. The way the wind is blowing I am sure the water is being pushed up into some of these houses. But still, we are lucky.

Which is why I am encouraging you to do as I am doing. I am not going anywhere until the water recedes. You shouldn't either. The last thing home and business owners need is a bunch of sightseers creating a wake of water in the streets. That vehicle created wake would push even more water into houses everywhere.

As of this writing, the eye of Hurricane Laura was crossing I-10 in Lake Charles. That means the next few hours should begin to show improvement in our weather in Lafayette. The rising sun will reveal just how "bad" it is here. It will also reveal how lucky we are compared to those who have interests closer to the coast and further to the west.

So, I implore you to please, resist the urge to go be a lookie-lou. If you are currently in a safe place stay there, be patient, watch this website and our social media for pictures and videos submitted by your neighbors. You will see that many are hurting. You will also see that most, when compared to how bad it could have been, are waking up lucky this morning.

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