Tropical Storm Cristobal will not go down in the history books as one of the worst storms to ever strike Louisiana's coastline. It will, however, go down in history for about 100 Mississippi Casino employees and several guests as a storm that caused more than a few moments of panic to be sure.

Joneka Willis made that post on her Facebook account yesterday during Cristobal's approach to the Louisiana coast. Joneka and about 100 other employees of the Silver Slipper Casino on Mississippi's Gulf Coast were trapped at work for several hours yesterday during the height of the storm.

Heavy rains and storm surge had pushed about five feet of floodwater over the roadway between the casino property and the employee parking lot. First responders in Hancock County were summoned and they arrived with high-water rescue vehicles to assist in the operation.

As you can see, the water got pretty high on the eastern side of Cristobal. This video is from the Bay St. Louis area very near where the Silver Slipper Casino is located.


It took about three hours to safely move employees out of the casino and to their vehicles. First responders, according to the Biloxi Sun Herald Newspaper, wrapped up the employee evacuations about 7  pm last night but were going back to the hotel to evacuate any guests that wanted to leave.


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