This Is Not A Good Look [Video]
I think "healthy" looks different on each of us. To let the fashion industry or the entertainment industry dictate an image of beauty none of us will ever achieve is wrong. I give you this video as support for my theory.
Easter Parade 1970’s Style [Video]
If you grew up in the 1970's you know fashion was something we paid a lot of attention too. We didn't pay a lot of attention to stylish fashion but we liked looking different. I lived through this horrid time in fashion. I did like the really short shorts but the hair styles and some of th…
Google Augmented Reality Glasses Will Kill Us All
Hot off their April Fools Joke about Google 8-Bit for Nintendo comes the media giant’s announcement they’re in the process of testing augmented reality glasses that make you feel like Iron Man or the Terminator and look like Levar Burton’s character in…
2012 ACM Awards Best Dressed Pictures
Tonight at the 2012 ACM Awards, there were a few standout country stars, like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, whose attire really blew us away. These are our picks of the Best Dressed pictures from the show, which was held at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. Scroll through the photos to see the …
The Hot New Trend for Guys? ‘Mantyhose’
Back in the 1970s, football great Joe Namath did a television commercial for pantyhose, proving that with enough charisma and swagger, the right guy can sell just about anything. His ad was meant for women — but a whole new generation of hose and tights are aimed squarely at men.
9 Sneaky Things You Won’t Believe Guys Do To Improve Their Looks
Women may be known as the fairer sex, but men still do their fair share of ridiculous surgeries, tight clothing buying and dimple surgeries in an effort to not look like a four foot tall troll. And while there are some enhancements that are important for medical reasons, there are more that just all…

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