Tracy was just telling you on 97.3 The Dawg about her experiences in "running" the half marathons in New Orleans and Memphis for St Jude. You don't have to be a runner to have fun doing 5k's or even half marathons. Running or walking keeps you moving but even with the exercise you can still mess up a good thing if you don't pay attention.

Nutrition missteps, such as disregarding food labels and eating while distracted, can sabotage your diet. Here's how to pick up healthy habits that will get your weight-loss and running goals on track.

Feeling good and feeling good about yourself are some of the added benefits of exercise and eating right. Don't forget to tune in to KATC TV 3 on Wednesdays for Tracy's "GOTTA MOVE" reports!

(via New Ways to Shed Pounds for Good.)

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