It has taken over a month and we don't know how much money the final bill will be but the men and women of Entergy and their supporting energy partners have completed what must have seemed like an impossible task on August 28th. The utility has announced that they have completed power restoration to storm-damaged communities affected by Hurricane Laura's fierce winds and storm surge a little over a month ago.

Just to clarify one point here, Entergy has restored the electrical service to every customer "who can safely receive power". That caveat is necessary because there are still many places without electrical service.

However, the reason for that interrupted service is because of severe damage within those places and structures. Entergy says, once repairs have been completed, the power is available to be turned on.

In the days immediately following Hurricane Laura's landfall the utility estimated that over 93,000 customers in southwest Louisiana were without service. The utility's storm team of 16,000 workers had the power back on for 75% of the affected area within two weeks. The final customers were brought back online over the past few days.

If you do find yourself in that unfortunate spot of still needing to make repairs before electricity can be restored at your place of business or residence then you'll want to know this. Entergy has plans to keep a storm team in the area for the next several weeks.

Should you need power service and repairs have been made by a qualified electrical professional simply call 1-866-557-4240 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. This will start the wheels of the reconnection process in motion.

On a personal note, thank you, to all of those utility crews and out-of-state staffers that came to southwest Louisiana's aid after the storm. Your work, your time, and your compassion for what the area has gone through has been a blessing and is truly appreciated. For those that continue to deal with our power outages, our thoughts and best wishes are with you as well.

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