When you're day starts long before the coffee shops are open and the buffets have been laid out you don't think much about breakfast. Is it the most important meal of the day?

To me it is because if you don't feed your body your brain won't work. Granted some listeners of our show in the morning might think that neither Jude nor I ever eat, we do like to be full of fuel before we act like fools.

That was my query and quest for Chef Jill McCoy this week. I told her I needed an easy breakfast that would require minimal prep time, be delicious, and wouldn't leave me with a sink full of dirty dishes when I got home.

As we have found in our Foodie Friday Series with Chef Jill, ask and you shall receive.

This breakfast bowl does have everything you need to start the day with your candles lit and the all cylinders firing. The beauty of this is the simple ingredients and the nutritional bang they bring. Kale is fast becoming the nation's go-to super food. It is loaded with vitamins and brings lots of good things to your body.

Qunioa, which I still can't prounounce, is a cereal like substance but it packs quite a nutritional punch as well. It delivers filling flavor, yet it is easy on the digestive system.

Chef Jill also adds to the mix a delightful fried egg and some avocado. Eggs are full of protein and avocados provide a lot of good nutrition as well. A little cheese, a few pepper flakes, and a shot of hot sauce and you've got a breakfast bowl that wakes up your taste buds and fills your body with a great healthy fuel mixture to take on your day.


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