The National Park Service has brought us a little glimmer of a smile on this crazy day in Acadiana. They have designated the Lafayette central business district as a National Historic Register District, which by the way, is a pretty big deal.

According to Adam Daigle with the Acadiana Advocate "The designation means that eligible buildings in the district can apply for federal and state historic commercial tax credits. Owners could be eligible for a 20% federal income tax credit and another 18% state tax credit on building maintenance and rehabilitation costs" The work would need to be approved in advance by the official guidelines presented by the Secretary of the Interior. Some of the costs could include things like repairing or replacing roofing, masonry repairs, and any construction costs that are normally associated with rehabilitating or maintaining a building to put it back into a commerce situation.

The announcement was made on Tuesday by members of the Lafayette Consolidated Government. The central business district lies within the Downtown Development District. Lafayette Consolidated Government said that if a local owner is interested in applying for the tax credits, they can contact Roxana Usner, who is the Staff Liaison to the Preservation Commission in the LCG Planning and Development Department. She can be reached at 337-291-7193 or by email at

Some of the other locations in Lafayette that are listed on the National Historic Register include the Coca Cola Bottling Plant at 1506 Cameron St. and the Downtown Lafayette Civic Center, which is located at 705 Jefferson Street.



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