When we see them lifting skyward they are majestic. We think of them as carrying a message to someone someplace far, far away. The reality is that balloons can only go so high and last so long before they fall to Earth.

There are many states where balloon releases are banned because of the danger they pose to wildlife and to technology. That's right balloons can interrupt your daily life. Just ask the 14-thousand residents in New Orleans Mid-City and Carrolton neighborhoods.

Authorities with Entergy say a massive power outage was caused by balloons hitting and becoming entangled in the company's equipment. Who knew that all a terrorist had to do to knock us off the grid was unleash the awesome power of a helium-filled balloon?

Power to the bulk of the customers affect was restored within an hour. The rest of the homes and businesses were back on the grid within two hours.

This was all because of mylar balloons. If you weren't aware the mylar fabric contains metallic properties. When these balloons come in contact with power lines and power equipment it's the same as poking a hot wire with a metal stick. The outcome isn't good.

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