If you ascribe to the old saying "strike while the iron is hot" you might want to consider pulling a few bucks out of your pocket or purse and plunking them down on a chance to win big money in one of the multi-state lottery games available in Louisiana. Following a big Mega Millions win from Tuesday night's drawing state lottery players followed that up with another big money win in the Wednesday night Powerball drawing. 

Powerball Lottery Reaches Third Highest Jackpot
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If you didn't see the way the ping pong balls fell in last night's Powerball game, here's how it unfolded.

The Powerball website confirms that the numbers drawn for April 12, 2023, were:

09   36   41   44   59   Powerball 04  Power Play x 2

There were no tickets sold for last night's drawing that matched the numbers needed to claim the Powerball jackpot of $202,200,000.00 So, that money will continue to grow for Saturday night's next drawing in the multi-state lottery game.

Powerball game officials say seven tickets sold for last night's drawing were $50,000 winners, one of those tickets was sold in Louisiana and another was sold in Texas, according to the Texas Lottery. 

Powerball Lottery
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As far as other big money prizes go, last night's game was not very lucrative for Powerball players. As we mentioned, only seven tickets earned a prize of $50,000, three other tickets also earned a $50,000 prize but they opted for the Powerplay so their prize is actually $100,000. But other than that, only five tickets sold earned a prize of $100, and three others earned a prize of $200 in last night's game.

The Louisiana Lottery website did confirm the $50,000 winner and its point of purchase for last night's drawing. According to the Big Wins in Louisiana page, the $50,000 winner sold in Louisiana was purchased in Kentwood Louisiana. The ticket purchaser matched four of the five white balls and the Powerball. The Texas Lottery page did not provide a point of purchase for the $50,000 winner sold in that state.

Courtesy Louisiana Lottery
Courtesy Louisiana Lottery

Over the past week or so lottery players in Louisiana have earned $1.25 million playing Lotto, over $200,000 playing Powerball, and some $60,000 playing Mega Millions.

While it's fun to highlight the big wins, we remind you that most lottery tickets are not winners, and if you choose to play, please do so responsibly. If you have an issue with gambling or know someone who does, help is available by calling 1-877-770-STOP (7867).

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