For most of this week much of Louisiana has gotten a taste of Summer. Most of us are used to what Summer tastes like so we would have been happy to wait until June 20th for the heat and humidity to officially arrive.

The catalyst for the warm temperatures and lack of showers was a ridge of high pressure that had been holding strong over east Texas and southwest Louisiana. That ridge of high pressure is weakening and moving off to the north and east. That means a return of the usual southerly flow of warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

Today's rain chances in South Louisiana are about 30%. Most of the area will not see rain or thundershowers but some will pop up with the afternoon heating. In the Shreveport area that chance is slightly higher.  The chances of a shower on Saturday are slightly higher but Sunday and Monday appear to be the days with the biggest threat of showers and thunderstorms.

While a late afternoon thunderstorm is usually the rule for the summertime south this weekend's precipitation should come a little sooner in the day. We can expect showers and thunderstorms to fire up during the mid morning hours and move northward from the coast along the sea breeze for south Louisiana residents. If you live in north Louisiana there will be enough heat, humidity, moisture, and instability to really bring a good chance of rain to the area late in the weekend.

The plus side to this tropical like forecast is that by the end of the day most of the shower and thundershower activity will have dissipated and the chances of a colorful tropical sunset will be a little bit better over the weekend.

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