The Acadiana Spring has come and gone. We have passed our 15 minutes of comfortable temperatures and are now knee deep into the hot and humid phase of our lives. The heat and humidity always affects our appetite. The desire to look good in a swimsuit means we're looking for light and healthy. The fact that we are inherently South Louisiana people means you better blend in a lot of flavor too.

That's the challenge we sent off to our Foodie Friday femme fatale, Jill McCoy.  We told Jill you needed something that was delicious, easy to make, decidedly different, and it couldn't weigh you down because it is bikini season.

So we actually have two incredible goodies for you. One is a delicious smoked tuna pasta salad. The other is a high protein berry smoothie. You can prepare them as separate meals or combine them for a great hot weather feast.

Get the recipe for Jill's Smoked Tuna with Orzo Salad Here.

The salad is a Jill McCoy twist on a tuna pasta combo combined with a Mediterranean flair. There is feta cheese, balsamic vinegar, orzo, and a decadent and to die for smoked tuna.Don't freak out, the tuna comes from a pouch.




The smoothie is great for beside the pool, at the beach, or under the shade of a big oak tree. Granted there are some exotic ingredients in this concoction but remember you're going to want to make more than one of these frosty favorites.

Get the recipe for Jill's Very Berry Protein Smoothie Here.



I think what I like about both of these recipes is they are super simple to make. They are unique twists on familiar favorites. They don't require any oven or stove to be turned on. They don't require a lot of prep time and the clean up is minimal.

Remember the difference between good and gourmet can often be one or two ingredients. Whether you choose to tell your friends or family just how simple they really are is up to you. Regardless, you should give these easy and elegant Summer selections a try.

**Jill McCoy is a former announcer at 97.3 The Dawg who has turned her focus to cooking. She is currently enrolled at a prestigious culinary school in Austin TX. She also works in the kitchen at one of Austin’s finest restaurants. Jill also maintains her own food and lifestyle blog, Salt and Pepper 2 Taste. She is a regular contributor to 97.3 The Dawg every Friday**



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