In his legendary work, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar William Shakespeare wrote a part for a character to play a soothsayer. A soothsayer is a kind of Miss Cleo without the extra telephone charges and the total lack of credibility.

This soothsayer warned Caesar that on the "Ides of March", also known as the 15th of March something really bad would happen.

In the case of Caesar that bad thing that happened was his murder. I'd say on a scale of one to a miserable day ol' Julius probably would have counted that one as a bad day.

I can't be sure because Julius was dead and unable to be reached for comment. So like cable TV news we will speculate and make things up to bolster the theme of our story.

But what's bad for the characters in a Shakespeare play could work out in your favor should you happen to match all five of the white ball numbers and the red Powerball in tonight's multi-state lottery game, Powerball.

We've gone a few weeks since our last big winner and that means that the Powerball jackpot is now up to a nice tidy sum of $123 million. If you take the one-time payout you're going to be placing $72.7 million dollars which would be 132,411,829,631.69 in Italian Lira. No matter what kind of currency you take your winnings in, it's a lot.

The Powerball drawing will be tonight at 9:59 Central Daylight Time. By rule, ticket sales must cease one hour before the drawing. I wish you better luck than Caesar had on this date a few centuries back. As always we request that you play responsibly.

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