bruce and the kennel club

Big Bang Bloopers [Video]
The cast of the hit show, The Big Bang Theory, flubs, stumbles and bumbles through some of the funniest moments you have never seen up until now.
Your New Weekend Coffee Idea [Video]
I drink a lot of coffee. I wake up at 1 in the morning and coffee is one of the main reasons I am still functioning at 10am when the Bruce and the Kennel Club show yields the airwaves to Stephanie Crist. I usually drink my coffee black, unless I remember to purchase some fancy Italian Cream creamer …
If Bruce Had A Slow Motion Camera [Video]
If I had a slow motion camera to use for an hour, I think I would probably spend most of my time doing what these guys did. Would it make the world a better place? It most certainly would!I spent far more than the the :23 seconds it takes to watch this laughing about it. Here is your Saturday smile …
Stormy Start To Lafayette Area Work Week
Rain chances will be increasing especially after midnight tonight and will continue until at least Tuesday morning. Right now the greatest threat of severe weather appears to be to the north of our area. We could still experience very strong thunderstorms, high winds and perhaps even more flooding r…

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