If You Have Two Minutes, You Have Time for a Great Workout
We have all seen those annoying late night commercials advertising ridiculous fitness products catering to a fat and lazy population looking to get into shape with minimal effort.
Well, turns out there might actually be something to all this minimal effort business.
Riding The Waves On A Bike [Video]
Imagine being able to pedal your way to that secluded island or the floating dock instead of having to swim all that way. You could even strap a backpack on your back and carry food and drinks without getting them wet and you wouldn't need a boat.
5K Season Off and Running In The Lafayette Area
There are several great 5k events that are coming up in the Lafayette area and best of all there is one that is perfect for your training and ability. A lot of people think 5k's are just for hard core runners, that couldn't be further from the truth. The running community in the Lafayette …

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