Halloween parties mean you can get really creative with your beverages and snacks, and we love that! If you are looking for some awesome ways to get spooky with some fun alcoholic jello shots, the folks at Country Living have some suggestions that will make you the hit of the neighborhood. We honestly want to try all of these. Here is your basic jello shot recipe, from Ann's Entitled Life

• 1 small box of Flavored Gelatin (there are others with unflavored Gelatin, but this is the basics)
• 1 cup water, boiling
• 1 cup of: vodka/rum/tequila/whiskey/schnapps/liqueurs


Here are some of our Halloween favorites for you to try!

  • Re-Animation Reagent Rum Jello Shots - in a syringe! Pineapple juice, rum, and green food coloring
  • Black Widow Shots - Margarita inspired shot with fresh blackberries and citrus zest
  • Glow in the Dark Shots - Tonic water, blueberry jello, and rum
  • Angel of Death Shots - whipped cream vodka, cake vodka and heavy cream
  • Black Magic Shots - blue and purple jello infused with vodka, and sprinkled with black sugar
  • Candy Corn Shots - orange jello, sweetened condensed milk, and cake vodka
  • Caramel Apple Shots - butterscotch schnapps and caramel hot chocolate served in a Granny Smith apple slice
  • Witch's Brew Shots - RumChata, vodka, green jello, and tapioca pearls
  • Jello Shot Brains - raspberry preserve filling, and veins made with food coloring and toothpicks
  • Spider Shots - grape and orange jello mixed with red and blue food coloring and vodka. Use licorice strings for the legs

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