Charlie Dick, who was Patsy Cline's husband when she passed away in 1963, has died at age 81. The two wed in 1957, and he was her second husband, and the father of her two children, Randy and Julie. Mr Dick was portrayed by Ed Harris in the 1985 Film 'Sweet Dreams'.

Charlie Dick was instrumental in keeping Patsy Cline's legacy alive, and even recently partnered up with Hologram USA to develop a hologram of his wife, using their new technology. The Patsy Cline hologram will debut in an exclusive concert experience in 2016.

I met Charlie Dick many times when I was in Nashville, and he was a hoot - He personally told me his portrayal in the movie 'Sweet Dreams' was 'Complete BS'! He worked in the music business after Patsy's death, and was always very protective of her musical legacy. RIP, Mr Dick.


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