If you've lived in South Louisiana for more than a few years you've probably learned and lived this fact, we don't drain that well. The threat of strong storms and heavy rain over the next few days will exacerbate our inability to drain and for some residents that could mean flooding.

That's the bad news, the good news is that you can actually get a head start on securing sandbags to protect your property at two locations in Lafayette Parish.

Lafayette Consolidated Government actually keeps these two sandbag facilities in operation throughout the year. So, if you need sandbags or feel as if you might need sandbags to weather the storm, here's where you can go.

  • LCG Compost Facility, located at 400 Dugas Rd., off North University Ave.
  • South District sandbag site, located at 1017 Fortune Rd. in Youngsville

Both sites are "self-bagging" sites. That means you will need to bring the shovel and the manpower to fill the bags. LCG will provide the sand and bags for you to fill. There is a limit of 20 bags per household.

Another way you can prevent potential problems with high water is to survey your property and surrounding neighborhood today before the rains get started. You'll want to make sure the ditches, drains, culverts, coulees, and gutters are free of debris. If they are full, then you'll need to clear those obstructions so rainwater can flow freely away from your home.

Forecasters are suggesting the Lafayette area could receive as much as six inches of rainfall between now and Sunday night. So maybe an ounce of prevention today will save you some headaches, heartaches, and a muddy water cleanup after the storms have passed.

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