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Tracy Wirtz Would Like A Word With You
If you've never checked out the musings, rants and sometimes desperate cries for help from a wife, mother and all around cheerleader for life in South Louisiana I invite you to spend a few minutes in The Tracy Zone.
The ‘Do Good Project’ By Tracy Wirtz
I have a small but great group of dear friends! 2011 was a fantastic year for me friend-wise. They all blessed me in so many different ways, mostly by just allowing me to be me. But one of my wonderful friends, Aileen Bennett, asked me to be a part of her "Do Good" project.
Tracy Wirtz Has Some Motivation – Her Son
My son is 13 and is coming into his own. That's a nice way of saying he is "learning" how to be a teenager. However, he is still very kind (mostly) and loves his momma (just not in public). He has also become very aware of the way he looks and has decided he needs to "…
Amazing Olympic Runner Challenges YOU! [Video]
The best of the best marathoners run faster over 26.2 miles than I can run for 26 feet. You and I would consider their pace an all out sprint, they do it for the entire marathon! Do you want to see what that looks like versus normal people?
Bark In The Park
Tracy Wirtz wants you to know all about Bark In The Park:
All proceeds are directed to Lafayette Animal Aid's mission: to rescue dogs and cats and provide them with medical care and shelter until a loving adoptive home can be found for them. Lafayette Animal Aid is a no-kill shelter. This is a g…
The Gift That Gives A Lot – From The St. Jude Gift Shop
From Tracy Wirtz:
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is very near and dear to my heart. We all have some organization or charity (hopefully) that we support or that holds special meaning for us. Right now, there are a number of children in Acadiana who are patients there. One is my little fri…
Atchafalaya Basin Festival in Henderson
From Tracy Wirtz:
This year's Atchafalaya Basin Festival features musical performances by Nik-L Beer, Joe Douglas, Al Berard Family Band, Geno Delafose and French Rockin Boogie, Hunter Courville and Cajun Fever, Jambalaya featuring D.L. Menard, and Helen Boudreaux and Friends...

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